Chapters 1-5 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What are Ralph and Warburton discussing in the garden?

2. How does Ralph’s appearance differ from Warburton’s?

3. How does Warburton describe Isabel after he meets her?

4. How did Isabel’s father “squander” his fortune?

5. Where does Mrs. Touchett live most of the time?

6. Why did Mrs. Touchett travel to America?

7. How does Edmund Ludlow describe Isabel?

8. What city is Caspar Goodwood from?

9. Where in the United States did Daniel Touchett live before he moved to England?

10. According to Mrs. Touchett, what are American girls “ridiculously mistaken” about?

1. Ralph and Warburton are discussing their mutual problem of being young, bored, and wealthy.

2. Warburton is a handsome, well-dressed man, while Ralph is homely and ungainly.

3. Warburton calls Isabel an “interesting woman.”

4. Mr. Archer spent all his money on gambling and socializing in America and Europe.

5. She lives in a villa in Florence.

6. Mrs. Touchett wanted to look after her investments in America and visit her nieces.

7. Edmund says she is “written in a foreign tongue” and claims he “can’t make her out.”

8. Caspar is from Boston, although he travels frequently to New York on business.

9. He lived in Rutland, Vermont.

10. Mrs. Touchett says most American girls think they know a great deal about the world, but they are mistaken. In fact, they know very little.

Chapters 6-10 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. How did Isabel distinguish herself when she was growing up?

2. What is Isabel’s “chief dread” concerning her personal development?

3. According to Ralph, what kind of “specimen” is Lord Warburton?

4. Is Lord Warburton as “easily charmed” as Isabel thinks?

5. According to Ralph, why is Lord Warburton in such a “muddle” about himself?

6. To what person does Daniel Touchett privately compare Isabel?

7. What is the title of Henrietta’s article about the Touchetts?

8. Why is Henrietta so determined to learn more about English society?

9. What does Ralph say when Henrietta confronts him about his lack of an occupation?

10. What does Isabel think of the Misses Molyneux?

1. Isabel’s quick mind and active imagination impressed everyone she met when she was growing up in America.

2. She dreads appearing narrow-minded.

3. Ralph tells Isabel that Warburton is a perfect specimen “of an English gentleman.”

4. Warburton says that, although he is not easily charmed, he is charmed by Miss Archer.

5. He is greatly concerned about the injustice and inequality in the world and is confused about his own position of wealth and power.

6. He compares her to Mrs. Touchett, when she was younger.

7. The title of the article is “Americans and Tudors—Glimpses of Gardencourt.”

8. Henrietta is writing a series of articles about Europe and the English aristocracy for an American magazine; she enjoys commenting sarcastically on European customs and institutions.

9. Ralph says, “I’m the idlest man living.”

10. She is charmed by them and finds them a “kind of ideal.”

Chapters 11-15 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What is Mrs. Touchett’s opinion of American women?

2. When did Caspar last see Isabel?

3. Prior to proposing to her, how many hours has Lord Warburton spent with Isabel?

4. Why does Henrietta want Isabel to see Caspar Goodwood?

5. What is the “big bribe” Isabel refuses?

6. To what Shakespearean character does Ralph compare himself?

7. Besides Gardencourt, does Daniel Touchett, the wealthy American, own other property in Europe?

8. Do Isabel and Henrietta stay with Ralph while visiting London?

9. According to Warburton, who wears the “Silver Cross”?

10. Does Isabel admire her friend Henrietta?

1. She says they are the “slaves of slaves.”

2. Caspar saw Isabel three months ago in Albany.

3. Warburton calculates he has spent 26 hours with her.

4. Henrietta believes Isabel is changing and becoming too Europeanized; she thinks her friend should reconsider her relationship with Caspar, her American suitor.

5. The “big bribe” is what Isabel calls Lord Warburton’s marriage proposal.

6. Ralph says, “I’m only Caliban; I’m not Prospero,” referring to two characters from The Tempest.

7. Daniel Touchett owns Gardencourt, his grand country estate, as well as a mansion in London. Mrs. Touchett owns a villa in Italy.

8. Isabel and Henrietta stay at Pratt’s Hotel by themselves; Ralph stays alone at his father’s London mansion.

9. The Silver Cross, a badge of rank, is worn by the “eldest daughters of Viscounts.”

10. Isabel has great regard for her friend and calls Henrietta a “brilliant woman.”

Chapters 16-20 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What does Caspar say he would like Isabel to teach him?

2. Why is Isabel afraid of Caspar “watching” her?

3. How does the independent, adventurous Isabel describe her “idea of happiness”?

4. To what professional “title” does Henrietta aspire?

5. Where was Madame Merle born?

6. Who is Mr. Hilary?

7. Before Ralph talks to him about his will, how much money does Daniel Touchett plan to leave Isabel?

8. What is Madame Merle’s “great talent”?

9. Does Mr. Luce like the new French government?

10. Where was Ned Rosier raised?

1. Caspar wishes Isabel could teach him how to live alone. Unfortunately, Caspar can’t imagine living without Isabel.

2. She fears his presence will interfere with her “personal independence.”

3. Isabel tells Henrietta that her “idea of happiness” is a “swift carriage, of a dark night, rattling with four horses over roads that one can’t see.”

4. She wants to be the “Queen of American Journalism.”

5. Madame Merle was born in Brooklyn, New York.

6. He is Daniel Touchett’s attorney.

7. Daniel Touchett was going to leave Isabel £5,000—a comfortable sum to help her get started in life, but not enough to cause her problems.

8. Madame Merle’s “great talent” is her “ability to think,” a quality that enables her to plot and scheme while involving herself in the lives of others.

9. No. He is a conservative and finds that Paris is “much less attractive than in the days of the Emperor.”

10. Ned was born in New York, but he had been raised by his father in Paris.

Chapters 21-25 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why do Isabel and Mrs. Touchett travel to San Remo?

2. What does Pansy think of Madame Merle?

3. What does Osmond say is his “best” fault?

4. Where does Mrs. Touchett live in Florence?

5. Where did Osmond live before he moved to Florence?

6. Does Ralph think Madame Merle is “worldly”?

7. What does Countess Gemini look like?

8. According to Osmond, what is a woman’s “natural mission”?

9. What is Osmond’s life “plan” that he decided on years ago?

10. What do Madame Merle and the Countess teach Pansy to do?

1. They go to San Remo to visit Ralph who is staying there, hoping the warmer climate will improve his failing health.

2. Although Pansy never openly expresses an opinion of Osmond’s old friend, Madame Merle believes that Pansy doesn’t like her.

3. According to Osmond, his “best” fault is his indolence. He apparently enjoys his life of tasteful leisure, even though he is barely able to afford it.

4. Mrs. Touchett lives in an elegant villa known as the Palazzo Crescentini.

5. Osmond originally lived in Rome, and he has been living in Europe for many years.

6. Madame Merle is not just “worldly,” according to Ralph, she is “the great round world itself”!

7. She looks like a “tropical bird” with a “long beak-like nose, small, quickly-moving eyes and a mouth and chin that receded extremely.”

8. Osmond tells Isabel that a “woman’s natural mission is to be where she’s most appreciated.”

9. “Not to worry—not to strive nor struggle. To resign myself. To be content with little.”

10. They teach her the proper way to brew and serve tea.

Chapters 26-30 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why is Bob Bantling interested in Henrietta?

2. How does Mrs. Touchett feel about Isabel going to Rome without a chaperone?

3. What is Isabel doing when she encounters Lord Warburton in Rome?

4. What parts of the Middle East did Lord Warburton visit?

5. To what American building does Henrietta compare “Michael Angel’s dome” while touring St. Peter’s?

6. How does Isabel describe Lord Warburton’s “character” to Osmond?

7. What is the title of the sonnet Osmond writes and shows to Isabel?

8. Where does Isabel plan to travel in Italy with her aunt?

9. What are Pansy’s greatest talents and skills?

10. What does Pansy like best about Madame Merle?

1. He thinks Henrietta has a “wonderful head on her shoulders” and he enjoys being with a woman who is not overly concerned with gossip and other people’s opinions of her independence.

2. She doesn’t approve, but she is resigned to the fact once Isabel decides to go.

3. She is resting, sitting on a “prostrate column near the foundations of the Capitol” by the Roman Forum.

4. He traveled in Turkey, Asia Minor, and Greece.

5. She compares it to the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. and declares the Italian dome suffers by comparison.

6. Isabel says Lord Warburton is “irreproachable.”

7. Osmond calls his sonnet “Rome Revisited.”

8. Mrs. Touchett plans to take Isabel to Bellagio.

9. Pansy, who is described as “really a blank page,” has only “two or three small exquisite instincts: for knowing a friend, for avoiding a mistake, for taking care of an old toy or a new frock.”

10. Madame Merle can play the piano and, according to Pansy, “has great facility.”

Chapters 31-35 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What countries does Isabel visit with Madame Merle?

2. How does Isabel describe Osmond to Caspar?

3. What countries do Isabel and Lily visit together?

4. How does Isabel feel after her confrontation with Caspar?

5. Why is Mrs. Touchett angry at Madame Merle?

6. Why is Ralph “shocked and humiliated” by Isabel’s engagement?

7. Why does Ralph think Isabel is in “trouble”?

8. How does Osmond feel about Isabel’s inheritance?

9. What does Pansy say when Osmond tells her about his engagement to Isabel?

10. Does Countess Gemini think Isabel will like her husband, the Count?


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Chapters 36-40 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Where in Switzerland did Ned meet Pansy?

2. How much money does Ned say he is worth?

3. What is Osmond’s opinion of Ned? How does Osmond describe Pansy’s suitor?

4. How have the Osmonds established themselves in their wealthy social circle?

5. During their friendly political debates, what name does Ralph call Lord Warburton?

6. If Pansy is not allowed to marry Ned, what does she tell him she will do?

7. Where did the Osmonds move to after their marriage?

8. How has Osmond’s attitude toward Madame Merle changed?

9. Why does Isabel think Lord Warburton and Pansy would be a good match for each other?...

(The entire section is 264 words.)

Chapters 41-45 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What does Pansy enjoy talking to Lord Warburton about?

2. According to Osmond, what does Pansy have to do to become Lady Warburton?

3. How does Isabel experience the suffering her marriage has brought her

4. What is Gilbert Osmond’s opinion of himself?

5. Does Isabel think that Osmond still loves her?

6. How does Osmond describe Isabel’s independent opinions?

7. According to Lord Warburton, why didn’t he send his letter to Osmond?

8. How old is Lord Warburton and how old is Pansy?

9. Does Countess Gemini remember who Henrietta is?

10. How does Pansy really feel about Ned Rosier?


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Chapters 46-50 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Lord Warburton think Ralph should not travel to England with him?

2. How does Lord Warburton feel about Pansy when he decides to return to England?

3. According to Henrietta, what is Isabel too “proud” to do?

4. What is Osmond’s opinion of Ralph? Is he concerned about Ralph’s illness?

5. Henrietta reminds Osmond of what object?

6. How does Osmond get along with Caspar Goodwood?

7. When does Ralph decide to return to England?

8. If Isabel remains married to Osmond, what does Henrietta think will happen to her?

9. What kind of magazine articles does Henrietta send Caspar Goodwood?


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Chapters 51-55 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Does Osmond consider himself to be an honorable man?

2. When did Osmond’s first wife die and why do most people believe she was Pansy’s mother?

3. When does Isabel finally decide to visit Ralph, against Osmond’s wishes?

4. How does Pansy behave in the convent?

5. Who meets Isabel at the train station in London?

6. Why is Isabel surprised to learn that Henrietta will be moving to London?

7. How is Isabel greeted when she arrives at Gardencourt?

8. What message does Mrs. Touchett send to Sir Matthew Hope, the celebrated physician?

9. How does Caspar describe Isabel and Osmond?

10. As Ralph...

(The entire section is 344 words.)