The Portrait of a Lady Chapters 6-10 Questions and Answers
by Henry James

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Chapters 6-10 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. How did Isabel distinguish herself when she was growing up?

2. What is Isabel’s “chief dread” concerning her personal development?

3. According to Ralph, what kind of “specimen” is Lord Warburton?

4. Is Lord Warburton as “easily charmed” as Isabel thinks?

5. According to Ralph, why is Lord Warburton in such a “muddle” about himself?

6. To what person does Daniel Touchett privately compare Isabel?

7. What is the title of Henrietta’s article about the Touchetts?

8. Why is Henrietta so determined to learn more about English society?

9. What does Ralph say when Henrietta confronts him about his lack of an occupation?

10. What does Isabel think of the Misses Molyneux?

1. Isabel’s quick mind and active imagination impressed everyone she met when she was growing up in America.

2. She dreads appearing narrow-minded.

3. Ralph tells Isabel that Warburton is a perfect specimen “of an English gentleman.”

4. Warburton says that, although he is not easily charmed, he is charmed by Miss Archer.

5. He is greatly concerned about the injustice and inequality in the world and is confused about his own position of wealth and power.

6. He compares her to Mrs. Touchett, when she was younger.

7. The title of the article is “Americans and Tudors—Glimpses of Gardencourt.”

8. Henrietta is writing a series of articles about Europe and the English aristocracy for an American magazine; she enjoys commenting sarcastically on European customs and institutions.

9. Ralph says, “I’m the idlest man living.”

10. She is charmed by them and finds them a “kind of ideal.”