The Portrait of a Lady Chapters 46-50 Questions and Answers
by Henry James

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Chapters 46-50 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Lord Warburton think Ralph should not travel to England with him?

2. How does Lord Warburton feel about Pansy when he decides to return to England?

3. According to Henrietta, what is Isabel too “proud” to do?

4. What is Osmond’s opinion of Ralph? Is he concerned about Ralph’s illness?

5. Henrietta reminds Osmond of what object?

6. How does Osmond get along with Caspar Goodwood?

7. When does Ralph decide to return to England?

8. If Isabel remains married to Osmond, what does Henrietta think will happen to her?

9. What kind of magazine articles does Henrietta send Caspar Goodwood?

10. What does Osmond say Ned has made him believe in for the first time?

1. Warburton believes Ralph should wait for warmer weather before he travels, otherwise the cold, combined with the rigors of the journey, could be quite detrimental to his health.

2. Warburton never had any great feelings for Pansy. He is fond of Osmond’s daughter and when he leaves, he wishes her happiness for the future.

3. She says Isabel is too proud to admit she made a mistake when she married Osmond.

4. Osmond thinks Ralph is a “conceited ass.” He doesn’t display any concern over Ralph’s deteriorating physical condition.

5. Osmond says Henrietta reminds him of a “new steel pen—the most odious thing in nature.”

6. Osmond seems to like Caspar, who, surprisingly, visits the Osmonds regularly at their Thursday night gatherings.

7. He decides to leave Italy toward the end of February.

8. Henrietta worries that her friend’s character will become “spoiled.”

9. She sends him humorous extracts from American journals.

10. Although he won’t allow the young man near Pansy, Osmond says Ned “made me believe in true love; I never did before!”