The Portrait of a Lady Chapters 36-40 Questions and Answers
by Henry James

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Chapters 36-40 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Where in Switzerland did Ned meet Pansy?

2. How much money does Ned say he is worth?

3. What is Osmond’s opinion of Ned? How does Osmond describe Pansy’s suitor?

4. How have the Osmonds established themselves in their wealthy social circle?

5. During their friendly political debates, what name does Ralph call Lord Warburton?

6. If Pansy is not allowed to marry Ned, what does she tell him she will do?

7. Where did the Osmonds move to after their marriage?

8. How has Osmond’s attitude toward Madame Merle changed?

9. Why does Isabel think Lord Warburton and Pansy would be a good match for each other?

10. How did Madame Merle learn that Lord Warburton had once proposed to Isabel?

1. They met at a resort in St. Moritz.

2. He says he has a “comfortable little fortune” of 40,000 francs.

3. Osmond thinks Ned is entirely unsuitable for his daughter. While discussing Ned, he refers to him as a “donkey.”

4. The Osmonds attend parties and entertain on a regular basis. Every Thursday evening they host a small party for a select group of friends and acquaintances.

5. Ralph calls him the “King of the Goths.”

6. Pansy says she will always obey her father, but if she can’t marry Rosier, then she will marry no one.

7. The Osmonds moved to Rome and, with Isabel’s money, purchased a villa called the Palazzo Roccanera.

8. Osmond claims he has grown tired of Madame Merle. He says she is “almost unnaturally good.”

9. Isabel thinks they are both attractive, but they are also “limited.”

10. Mrs. Touchett told Madame Merle about Warburton’s proposal.