illustration of Isabel Archer with a hand fan positioned between two silhouetted profiles

The Portrait of a Lady

by Henry James

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Chapters 26-30 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Why is Bob Bantling interested in Henrietta?

2. How does Mrs. Touchett feel about Isabel going to Rome without a chaperone?

3. What is Isabel doing when she encounters Lord Warburton in Rome?

4. What parts of the Middle East did Lord Warburton visit?

5. To what American building does Henrietta compare “Michael Angel’s dome” while touring St. Peter’s?

6. How does Isabel describe Lord Warburton’s “character” to Osmond?

7. What is the title of the sonnet Osmond writes and shows to Isabel?

8. Where does Isabel plan to travel in Italy with her aunt?

9. What are Pansy’s greatest talents and skills?

10. What does Pansy like best about Madame Merle?

1. He thinks Henrietta has a “wonderful head on her shoulders” and he enjoys being with a woman who is not overly concerned with gossip and other people’s opinions of her independence.

2. She doesn’t approve, but she is resigned to the fact once Isabel decides to go.

3. She is resting, sitting on a “prostrate column near the foundations of the Capitol” by the Roman Forum.

4. He traveled in Turkey, Asia Minor, and Greece.

5. She compares it to the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. and declares the Italian dome suffers by comparison.

6. Isabel says Lord Warburton is “irreproachable.”

7. Osmond calls his sonnet “Rome Revisited.”

8. Mrs. Touchett plans to take Isabel to Bellagio.

9. Pansy, who is described as “really a blank page,” has only “two or three small exquisite instincts: for knowing a friend, for avoiding a mistake, for taking care of an old toy or a new frock.”

10. Madame Merle can play the piano and, according to Pansy, “has great facility.”

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