The Portrait of a Lady Chapters 46-50 Summary and Analysis

Henry James

Chapters 46-50 Summary and Analysis

Osmond is concerned about Warburton’s true intentions toward his daughter. The Englishman has yet to write the letter he mentioned to Isabel, and now Osmond is worrying that Warburton will never keep his promise. Osmond bitterly accuses his wife of interfering in the matter, a charge she quickly denies. As they are discussing the matter, Warburton suddenly arrives, finding Osmond and Isabel in the midst of their heated discussion. Warburton tells them he has come to say farewell; he must return to England to attend to an important government matter. It quickly becomes apparent that Warburton has no intention of proposing to Pansy. He does invite the Osmonds to England, however, telling them he thinks Pansy...

(The entire section is 1426 words.)