The Portrait of a Lady Chapters 41-45 Summary and Analysis

Henry James

Chapters 41-45 Summary and Analysis

Isabel believes that Warburton would be a good match for Pansy, and she thinks the marriage would make Osmond happy. Although she is unhappy being married to Osmond, Isabel would like to satisfy herself that she had done all she could to please her husband. When Isabel discusses the matter with Osmond, he agrees that Warburton is the right choice for Pansy. He is annoyed at Isabel, though; it appears to him that she herself still has an interest in Warburton. In any case, Osmond hopes Isabel will use her influence to encourage Warburton to propose to Pansy.

Sitting alone, after her conversation with Osmond, Isabel wonders if Lord Warburton still loves her, and she reflects on how badly her marriage...

(The entire section is 1346 words.)