The Portrait of a Lady Chapters 26-30 Summary and Analysis

Henry James

Chapters 26-30 Summary and Analysis

Over the next few weeks, Osmond visits Isabel at her aunt’s villa five more times. Disturbed by Osmond’s interest in her niece, Mrs. Touchett voices her concern to Madame Merle, who claims to know nothing about it. Mrs. Touchett, however, believes Osmond is more interested in her niece’s money than he is in Isabel herself. Madame Merle tells Mrs. Touchett she will try to find out if Osmond is honestly expressing his feelings for Isabel. Mrs. Touchett can’t understand how Isabel could turn down both an English lord and a wealthy American businessman, yet seem so fascinated by a “middle-aged widower” of limited means. Ralph agrees with his mother, but he doesn’t think Osmond is much of a threat; he...

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