The Portrait of a Lady Chapters 21-25 Summary and Analysis

Henry James

Chapters 21-25 Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Gilbert Osmond: an old friend of Madame Merle’s who is living with his daughter in Italy

Pansy Osmond: Gilbert Osmond’s young daughter

Sister Catherine: a nun from the convent in Switzerland where Pansy attends school

Sister Justine: another nun from the Swiss convent

Countess Gemini: Gilbert Osmond’s sister

Isabel travels with Mrs. Touchett to San Remo, Italy, to visit Ralph. Isabel is pleased to see Ralph, but she wants to know why his father left her so much money. Without revealing his own involvement, Ralph tells her it was because old Mr. Touchett liked her so much. Isabel is pleased to hear this, but she...

(The entire section is 1461 words.)