The Portrait of a Lady Chapters 16-20 Summary and Analysis

Henry James

Chapters 16-20 Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Madame Serena Merle: a friend of the Touchetts who meets Isabel at Gardencourt

Edward (Ned) Rosier: a young American, living in Paris, who had been acquainted with Isabel’s family
in the United States

Mr. and Mrs. Luce: an American expatriate couple who are living in Paris

Mr. Hilary: Daniel Touchett’s attorney

That evening, alone in her hotel, Isabel receives an unexpected visit from Caspar Goodwood. He tells Isabel he’s come to see her because Henrietta wrote to him, informing him that Isabel would be alone at the hotel that evening. Isabel is incensed to hear this and disturbed by Caspar’s visit. She has no desire to...

(The entire section is 2009 words.)