illustration of Isabel Archer with a hand fan positioned between two silhouetted profiles

The Portrait of a Lady

by Henry James

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Chapters 11-15 Summary

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Last Updated April 18, 2023.

Mrs. Touchett expresses her dislike for Henrietta to Isabel, labeling the American journalist as both an "adventuress" and a "bore." In a subsequent conversation, Henrietta and Mrs. Touchett engage in a heated debate about the quality of American hotels and servants, with Mrs. Touchett claiming that they do not measure up to European standards. When Henrietta objects to Mrs. Touchett's comments, she straightforwardly tells her that she finds them offensive.

Henrietta informs Isabel that she and Caspar Goodwood traveled to England together on the same ship. Henrietta suggests that Isabel should reconnect with Caspar, but Isabel is not pleased with his arrival in England and feels uneasy about the idea of seeing him again. Henrietta observes that Isabel has transformed since her arrival in England and has acquired fresh perspectives. After a few days, Isabel receives a letter from Caspar, in which he expresses his eagerness to meet her again and requests her permission to visit.

As Isabel is perusing Caspar's letter, Lord Warburton appears at Gardencourt. Isabel puts the letter aside and takes a leisurely walk with Warburton in the garden, where he admits that he came to see her. Warburton confesses that he has been preoccupied with thoughts of Isabel since they met. Despite their short acquaintance, Warburton has developed feelings for Isabel and acknowledges that he has fallen in love with her.

Warbuton proposes to Isabel and begs her to ponder on it carefully. He informs her that he is prepared to wait for a considerable time for her answer. Isabel consents to think about the proposal which is encouraging to Warbuton. However, Isabel cautions him not to get his hopes up too high as she is uncertain if she wants to marry anyone. Despite this, Warbuton persists in his willingness to wait for her answer.

Isabel contemplates Warburton's proposal after his departure and recognizes that it presents a significant opportunity for financial stability and social status. However, she feels that accepting marriage would limit her ability to fully explore life as she desires. While sitting alone on a garden bench, Isabel reflects on her reaction to Warburton and questions whether she is truly a cold and inflexible person. As she returns to her uncle's house, she feels genuinely afraid of her own thoughts and emotions.

The morning after, Isabel informs her uncle about Lord Warburton's marriage proposal. Her uncle reveals that he already knew about it since Warburton had sent him a letter three days prior. Isabel acknowledges Warburton's proper behavior but admits that she's not interested in getting married at the moment. Later on, she contemplates the two men who are pursuing her - Lord Warburton and Caspar Goodwood.

Caspar is a somber and earnest youth who wears uninteresting and inflexible attire. He is a prosperous entrepreneur who oversees his family's cotton factory in Massachusetts. Isabel acknowledges that she doesn't have feelings of affection for him, yet she comprehends that she cannot delay him and must confront his unrelenting courtship. Additionally, she makes up her mind not to wed Warburton and communicates her decision to him through a written message.

Henrietta knows what Isabel thinks of Caspar, and she shares her worries about Isabel's behavior with Ralph. She's afraid that Isabel has changed since moving to England and is no longer the same cheerful American girl she used to be. Henrietta is upset that Isabel is abandoning her previous beliefs and attitudes. Henrietta also thinks that Caspar would make a suitable husband for Isabel and asks Ralph to invite him to Gardencourt.

Ralph expresses surprise at Henrietta's request, prompting the reporter to speculate if Ralph...

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has feelings for Isabel. However, Ralph denies this accusation and agrees to invite Caspar to the estate, but Caspar declines the invitation promptly. Henrietta is curious about Caspar's refusal and decides to travel to London under the guise of exploring England. She invites Isabel to join her. Ralph decides to join them on their trip to the city.

Lord Warburton and his sister, Miss Molyneux, visit Gardencourt for lunch before leaving for London. Isabel is anxious and observes Lord Warburton closely to see his reaction towards her, but he remains friendly and shows no emotion, although he avoids talking to Isabel directly. While they have lunch, Henrietta expresses her dislike for lords and aristocracy, and suggests that their titles are outdated and unnecessary. Much to Henrietta's frustration, Lord Warburton agrees with Henrietta in a good-natured way and doesn't get upset.

Warburton and Isabel meet at the art gallery after having lunch. Warburton inquires about the reasons for Isabel's rejection of his proposal. Isabel explains that she is afraid that getting married and that living a comfortable life with Warburton would keep her away from the normal risks and opportunities that life offers. She wants to experience everything that life has to offer and doesn't want to miss out on anything. Warburton reassures Isabel that he cannot protect her from the world, and even if she decides to marry him, she would still have the freedom to pursue whatever she desires.

Isabel comprehends the concept of marriage, but she is uncertain whether it is suitable for her. Warburton and the others meet up with Isabel at the gallery. Miss Molyneux invites Isabel and Henrietta to Lockleigh, but Isabel declines as she will be busy with upcoming plans. Warburton asks if he will have the opportunity to meet her again, to which Isabel responds with a hopeful "yes," leaving Warburton unsure of her intentions.

Afterwards, Mrs. Touchett tells Isabel that she knows about Warburton's proposal and questions why Isabel didn't tell her about it. Mrs. Touchett then accuses Isabel of feeling proud of herself for rejecting a marriage proposal from an English lord. She asks Isabel if she believes she will have a better opportunity with another man in Europe. Isabel responds with a smile, stating that her uncle would never ask her such a question.

A couple of days later, Isabel, Ralph, and Henrietta journey to London. Once they arrive, Ralph makes arrangements for the two women to lodge at a petite hotel. Meanwhile, Ralph moves into his father's vacant mansion in Winchester Square for the summer. Once they are settled in, Ralph takes the ladies on a sightseeing excursion around the city.

They explore the sights for a few days, but Ralph was let down as his high-class companions were away during the summer. During solitary nights in the vast, deserted mansion, Ralph contemplates Isabel and considers her to be more appealing than when they initially met.

One day, Ralph asks Isabel, Henrietta, and his friend Bob Bantling to come over for tea at the estate. Bob, a friendly unmarried man in his forties, talks pleasantly with the two women and invites them to visit his sister's home in Bedfordshire. He assures them that his sister, Lady Pensil, has a lively and engaging household, which is always bustling with fascinating individuals.

In the afternoon, Henrietta departs to have dinner with her American acquaintances while Bob takes her to town in a cab. In their absence, Isabel and Ralph spend time in the garden observing the sunset. During this time, Ralph discloses that he is aware of Warburton's proposal to Isabel. Ralph inquires as to why Isabel refused, and she explains that she desires to explore more of life before getting married. As the sun sets, Isabel declines Ralph's offer to dine together and departs for her hotel unaccompanied.


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