Porphyry Principal Works - Essay


Principal Works

(Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism)

De abstinentia [On Abstinence from Animal Food] (philosophy) written before 263

History of Philosophy (history/philosophy) written before 263

Life of Pythagoras (history/philosophy) written before 263

On the Images of the Gods (essay) written before 263

On the Philosophical Benefit of Oracles (essay) written before 263

Against the Christians (philosophy) written after 263

Chronica (philosophy) written after 263

De Regressu Animae (philosophy) written after 263

The Homeric Questions (literary criticism) written after 263

Isagoge [Eisagoge Introduction] (philosophical commentary) written after 263

Lecture on Literature (literary criticism) written after 263

Letter to Anebo (essay) written after 263

Letter to Marcella (correspondence/philosophy) written after 263

Parmenides Commentary (philosophy) written after 263

Sententiae [Sentences] (philosophy) written after 263

Summikta Zetemata [Various Investigations] (philosophy) written after 263

Enneads [editor] (philosophy) 301

Vita Plotini [Life of Plotinus] (biography) 301

Select Works of Porphyry (translated by T. Taylor) 1817

Life of Plotinus and The Enneads of Plotinus (translated by A. H. Armstrong) 1966

Cave of the Nymphs in the Odyssey (translated by R. Lamberton) 1969

Porphyry the Philosopher, To Marcella (translated by K. Wicker) 1969

Life of Plotinus (translated by G. R. Evans) 1980

On Abstinence from Animal Food (edited by E. Wynn-Tyson) 1988

Porphyry's Launching-Points to the Realm of Mind: An Introduction to the Neoplatonic Philosophy of Plotinus (translated by Kenneth Guthrie) 1989

The Homeric Questions (edited by Robin R. Schlunk) 1993

Porphyry's Against the Christians: The Literary Remains (ranslated by R. Joseph Hoffmann) 1994

On Aristotle's Categories (translated by C. Evangeliou) 1996

Porphyry's Letter to His Wife Marcella: Concerning the Life of Philosophy and the Ascent to the Gods (translated by Alice Zimmern) 1996

On Abstinence from Killing Animals (translated by Gillian Clark) 2000

Porphyry: Introduction (edited by Jonathan Barnes) 2003