Poor Richard Critical Context - Essay

James Daugherty

Critical Context

(Critical Edition of Young Adult Fiction)

Daugherty possessed the rare ability to choose the right word, and he also created magnificent accompanying illustrations that served to make his books outstanding in the field of young adult biography. Because he had a deep love for the United States that had been instilled in him in his early life, he wrote a number of biographies, including Poor Richard, in which he showed his understanding of the history of the country and his appreciation for the role played by the early settlers in its establishment.

While Franklin’s name is well known to Americans, it is doubtful whether all of them are very familiar with Franklin’s amazing versatility, which is shown in the broad range of services that he performed and in the contributions that he made to the development of the country, to the establishment of its independence, and to the maintenance of peace there afterward. Daugherty has done what many biographers strive to do: to present a subject whose life is worthy of admiration and emulation. Most assuredly, Franklin is such a subject, and Daugherty reveals Franklin’s character and his well-earned place in history.