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What arguments would you make against Texas becoming five states? 

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When Texas entered the Union, it was given the right to split itself up into as many as five states if it so desired.  For this reason, people sometimes talk about the possibility of taking this step.  They feel that they could get more political clout in this way because each state would have two senators and the area that is now Texas would have ten senators (and the extra votes in the Electoral College that go with them) instead of the two that it currently has.  However, there are possible arguments against this.

First, splitting might actually dilute the political power of the state.  This argument should be particularly compelling to Republicans.  It is very possible that some of the new states would be dominated by the Democrats.  Texas would also no longer have one governor who could be a major national figure due to his/her performance in governing a large and diverse state.

Second, it is somewhat economically beneficial for all of Texas to be one state.  With all of Texas under one set of rules, the state can attract many businesses that can work together to make the state economically strong.  With a patchwork of rules in the different states, the geographical area would no longer be one seamless place for businesses to work.  Today, Texas as a whole has a “brand” that is recognized around the world.  This would be lost if the state were to divide.

Finally, splitting the state would be very divisive.  There would be terrible controversies over how the state would be split.  The fighting would surely cause very hard feelings, which would be bad for the ability of the various new states to work together. 

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