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Why is it important to participate in our political system?

"Participating in our political system is important because...."

Expert Answers

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It is important to participate in our political system because, without popular participation, our system falls apart and a more intrusive government becomes possible.

Our system of liberal democracy is predicated on the idea that people will participate politically.  Such a system needs people‚Äôs voices to be heard so that politicians will know what people want and will know that they are responsible to the people.  Our system also needs people to participate so that they will feel that they have a stake in our society and will really care about it.

If people do not participate in our system, they stop caring as much and the politicians stop caring about them.  People pay less attention to what the politicians are doing so the politicians start to do whatever they want.  If this happens, our democracy breaks down and our government is out of control, being able to do more or less whatever it wants.

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