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What are some interest groups that you would or would not join?

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There are many interest groups that I would and would not join.  For example:

I would not join the National Rifle Association.  My main reason for not wanting to join this interest group is because they are too fanatical for my tastes.  They seem to feel that any regulation on guns, no matter how sensible, is a first step towards government confiscation of all firearms.  This sort of zeal is not to my tastes on practically any issue.

For very similar reasons, I would not join the National Abortion and Reproductive Action League (NARAL).  While I am moderately pro-choice, I do not agree with extremists on this issue either.  I feel that this group is rather like the NRA in its unwillingness to go along with relatively moderate policy positions.  Groups that are too absolutist are not, in my view, very helpful.

One group that I would join, but which seems to have very little clout in the political world, is the Concord Coalition.  This is a group that is dedicated to solving America’s problems with deficits and other fiscal policy.  It is rather centrist and seeks pragmatic, non-partisan solutions to some of our most important problems.

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