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How does the allegiance model work in American law and society?

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I am assuming that you are referring to the legal concept of allegiance as it relates to the relationship between citizens and their government. All naturalized citizens of thew United States are required to swear an oath of allegiance to the country and the Constitution before they can become full citizens, just as most schoolchildren in the US are required to participate in the Pledge of Allegiance on a daily basis in the schools. So this kind of allegiance model follows the philosophy and logic that a citizens must publicly express their alllegiance to this country, and cannot have allegiance to more than one country. US law then requires that, before an American citizen can become a citizen of another country, they must first renounce their American citizenship and surrender their passport. It is a form of social and political integrity for a nation just as a fence and border checkpoints along the border represents physical integrity for a nation.

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