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Find and document an instance of this involvement of a celebrity or celebrities in interest group lobbying and evaluate the extent to which you think the involvement was/is effective from the point of view of the interest concerned.

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Celebrities often get involved in interest groups and lobbying.  They feel that they can use their public visibility to advance the causes to which they are dedicated.  One very good example of this in recent times has been the one-time rock star Ted Nugent.  Nugent has been vehemently opposed to President Obama, particularly on the issue of gun control.

Ted Nugent has been involved in the NRA and in right-wing politics for years.  He is a board member of the National Rifle Association (NRA).  There are a large number of board members, another of whom is the actor Tom Selleck.  Nugent has been prominent recently for having said that the Obama administration will try to take away all guns and for having said in April of 2012 that he would be either in jail or dead in a year’s time if Obama were reelected. 

It is hard to say whether this sort of involvement in interest group activities is truly useful for the NRA and the gun rights movement.  It is likely that such involvement tends mostly to solidify people in the positions that they already hold.  Gun rights advocates may well feel validation of their beliefs from the fact that Nugent agrees.  Gun control advocates, on the other hand, likely feel more energized to fight gun rights because of the high profile actions and words of people like Nugent. 

Overall, it is likely that the effect of celebrity involvement depends on the standing of the celebrity in the public eye and the tone of their involvement in the cause.

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