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Please help me analyze the following political cartoon.


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In order to analyze this political cartoon, it is necessary to try to understand what the images in the cartoon mean. 

The person driving the car is obviously a police officer.  This implies that the cartoon is about the actions of law enforcement.  The license plate tells us what the topic is: antiterrorism.  So we can see from this that the cartoon is talking about the artist’s opinions of US law enforcement efforts with regard to antiterrorism.

The caption and the things on the front of the car show us the artist’s opinions.  The caption calls this a “high speed chase.”  That implies that the law enforcement efforts are somewhat aggressive.  Then look at the front of the car.  It appears that the police officer has driven through someone’s front yard and has taken their fence and their mail box along with a fire hydrant and stop sign from the sidewalk.   Think about what this implies.  If you saw someone with these items on the front of their car, you would infer that they were reckless and out of control.  Clearly, then, the cartoonist is trying to send the message that he believes that US law enforcement efforts at anti-terrorism are out of control and reckless. 

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