Polish Romanticism Major Figures - Essay

Major Figures

(Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism)

M. Szyjkowski (essay date 1926)

SOURCE: "The Blossoming of Romantic Poetry of the Time of the Emigration," in Polish Encyclopædia, Vol. I, 1926. Reprint by Arno Press & The New York Times, 1972, pp. 384-408.

[In the excerpt below, Szyjkowski presents an overview of the chief works of Słowacki and Krasiński.]

Among the Polish emigrants, there was [besides Mickiewicz] yet another master of Polish romantic poetry: Julius Słowacki. Born in the year 1809, he was not yet 23 years old when the Emigration took place.

He was brought up under very different circumstances from those which had presided over Mickiewicz's education....

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