Polish Romanticism Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism)

Csato, Edward. "Some History." In The Polish Theatre, pp. 12-41. Warsaw: Polonia Publishing House, 1965.

Presents an overview of nineteenth-century Polish Romantic drama, which Csato describes as belonging to "an intermediary stage between the old travelling troupes and the modern permanent theatre."

Erlich, Victor. "The Cost of the Image: The Strange Case of Zygmunt Krasiński." In The Double Image: Concepts of the Poet in Slavic Literatures, pp. 38-67. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins Press, 1964.

Discusses Krasiński's The Undivine Comedy as a critique of the poet and a "warning against the moral pitfalls of poetry."

Krzyżanowski, Julian. Polish Romantic Literature. New York: E. P. Dutton and Co., 1931, 317 p.

Detailed survey of the careers, works, and style of the major figures of Polish Romanticism, with chapters on predecessors, realism, and messianism.

Noyes, George Rapali. "Introduction." In Poems, by Adam Mickiewicz, edited by George Rapali Noyes, pp. 1-63. New York: The Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences in America, 1944.

Survey of Mickiewicz's life and works, in the context of his role as the preeminent figure in Polish Romanticism.

Segel, Harold B. "Animal Magnetism in Polish Romantic Literature." In The Polish Review VII, No. 3 (Summer, 1962): 16-39.

Explores the influence of Franz Mesmer's science of magnetism on Mickiewicz's Forefathers' Eve, Aleksander Fredro's Śluby panienskie (Maiden's Vows), and the works of Tomasz Zan. Segel notes that "magnetism . . . travelled the full circle in Poland: from a major current of romantic mysticism it became a means of parodying this mysticism."