What is the writing style of Sujata Bhatt's poems?

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Sujata Bhatt often writes narrative poetry in free verse, in which simple incidents are often described in an offhand, colloquial style that initially hides their emotional significance.

Most of Sujata's Bhatt's poetry is in English, but she also uses Gujarati and has translated the work of other Gujarati poets into English. In both languages, her writing is simple and direct, almost always telling a story. The story is frequently an everyday one in which little happens on the surface, and the poet's style is almost conversational. A good example of this is when she relates,

In the morning, while Kalika combs

her seven-year-old daughter's glossy tangled hair,

she looks at her face in the mirror;

red-eyed, worn out.

Kalika's emotional state is implied by the reflection she sees in the mirror, even as her focus is elsewhere. Similarly, in "Muliebrity," the first-person narrator adopts a quiet, conversational tone to relate a story about a young girl gathering cow-dung. Nothing in particular happens, but the girl becomes a symbol of feminine power and resilience, even as the speaker claims that she is "unwilling to use her for a metaphor." The poet relies on the strength and resonance of the images she presents, which do not rely on emotive language for their power.

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