Name 10 epic poems from the Renaissance period.

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I am not quite sure what you are asking -- are you trying to find a list of 10 epic poems written during the Renaissance period? If so, a little research is what you need to do. Epic poetry flourished during the Renaissance because basically, an epic poem is a long story, usually involving a quest, or a hero, or a long battle. Since the majority of people did not know how to read during this period and there were no books, stories and literature were passed on by oral tradition. When words are rhythmic and poetic, it is easier to remember them, hence the development of the epic poem. If you do some research into this period, you will find a list of many of these works. Do not restrict yourself to one country if you want to find 10, however. You probably already know some examples of epic poetry - Beowulf, Die Niebelungenlied, The Song of Roland.

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