Plum Lucky Summary
by Janet Evanovich

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Published on January 8, 2008, Plum Luckyis a “between-the-numbers” novella starring infamous bounty hunter Stephanie Plum. The between-the-numbers novellas have each focused on a specific holiday and dip into a bit of the fanciful, with the appearance of some odd and possibly supernatural characters. This novella is no exception.

Stephanie Plum, the heroine of Janet Evanovich’s popular “numbers” series, attracts one problem after another. In Plum Lucky, Stephanie must try to bring Grandma Mazur, her more than slightly eccentric grandmother, back home from Atlantic City. St. Patrick’s Day is in the air. Grandma Mazur, while following a rainbow, has experienced the “luck of the Irish” and happens across a large bag of gold, a bag that brings with it a strange, short little man named Snuggy O'Connor. In the tradition of New Jersey senior citizens, she purchases a Winnebago, hires a driver, and heads to Atlantic City to try her luck in the casinos. The problem, however, is that the bag of gold was not left for Grandma by a leprechaun but stolen by Snuggy from a dangerous gangster, Lou Delvina.

Along with Lulu and Connie, Stephanie sets out to bring her grandmother home. However, events do not go as planned. Lulu lands a job modeling plus-sized lingerie. Connie lands a man, leaving Stephanie flying solo until she finds herself face-to-face with Deisel. Deisel, a very attractive and mysterious man from another of Evanovich’s novels, possesses skills that border on the supernatural.  When Stephanie runs into him this time, he is in search of a little man in green pants, the same “leprechaun” who has teamed up with Grandma.

Diesel and Stephanie end up working together with Snuggy in an effort to save an ex-racehorse named Doug and Grandma Mazur. Delvina starts taking hostages in an attempt to reclaim his stolen money. In true Plum tradition, Stephanie succeeds in her mission, but not before blowing up a car, being shot at, and dealing with a "leprechaun" who believes he can turn himself invisible and talk to animals. Somehow, Stephanie even manages to bring in a bail jumper along the way.

This 166-page novella is a lighthearted read and moves quickly. The characters are fun, if a bit static, and the madcap adventures of Stephanie Plum and her associates are bound to make a reader smile.