The Plough and the Stars Characters

Sean O'Casey

Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Nora Clitheroe

Nora Clitheroe, an Irish woman whose husband is a member of the Citizen Army. She nearly loses her sanity when he goes off to fight on the barricades and is killed.

Jack Clitheroe

Jack Clitheroe, Nora’s husband, an Irish patriot who is killed in the fighting.

Peter Flynn

Peter Flynn, Nora’s uncle, a rather pathetic, ineffectual man whose patriotism is stirred by the oratory he hears.

Fluther Good

Fluther Good, one of the tenement dwellers. He is given to heavy drinking but makes himself generally helpful to his neighbors.

Mrs. Gogan

Mrs. Gogan, a neighborhood woman who engages in a barroom brawl with Bessie Burgess and disapproves of Nora buying so many new clothes.

Mollser Gogan

Mollser Gogan, the small daughter of Mrs. Gogan. She dies of tuberculosis and is buried in a coffin shared with Nora’s stillborn child.

Bessie Burgess

Bessie Burgess, one of the tenement women. She is coarse and vigorous.

The Covey

The Covey, Nora’s cousin, who is the purveyor of the author’s views concerning the poverty of the Irish and the problem of their independence.

Captain Brennan

Captain Brennan, an officer in the Irish Citizen Army and a comrade in arms of Jack Clitheroe.

Corporal Stoddart

Corporal Stoddart, an English soldier who escorts the coffin of Mollser Gogan and Nora’s child.

Sergeant Tinley

Sergeant Tinley, of the Wiltshires.