Topics for Further Study

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Research the role of women in World War II. What did women contribute to resisting German dictator Adolf Hitler's forces in Europe or more specifically in France during the war?

In Scene 4, the announcer discusses the BBC series, "Musicians and Disease" after mentioning that Vonchef died "in an extreme state of senile dementia." Do you think that Susan suffers from dementia or any other psychological disease? If so, where can you locate evidence in her behavior that she is or is not rational and mentally stable?

Compare and contrast Alice's perceptions about the world around her with those of Susan. In what ways are the two women similar and in what ways are they different"?

How might Susan define love. Does she care most for Lazar, Brock, or perhaps Mick? Discuss her motivation to be with each of these three men.

Research the Suez Canal incident. Do you believe that Darwin should have resigned from his post based upon your findings?

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