Plato's Republic

by Plato

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Book 8 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What element of the timarchic society gives it its name?

2. Which desire does Socrates use as an example of an unnecessary one?

3. Of the three elements of the personality, which one rules the timarchic man?

4. What desire dominates oligarchic society?

5. What is the problem with the equality established in democratic society, according to Socrates?

6. Does Socrates think his ideal society could last forever, given the right conditions?

7. Who does Socrates say would be attracted to the multi-hued cloak of democratic society?

8. How does the timarchic regime treat the members of the lower class?

9. What metaphor does Socrates use to describe the tyrant’s enslavement of his people?

10. Why does the tyrant have a large bodyguard?

1. The timarchic society gets its name from its love of honor.

2. A luxurious diet is described as an unnecessary desire.

3. The timarchic man is ruled by his spirited nature.

4. Oligarchic society is dominated by the love of gain.

5. Democratic societies incorrectly assume all men are equal.

6. No. Socrates believes all things must decay.

7. Children and women would find such garishness attractive.

8. The timarchic regime enslaves the lower classes.

9. The tyrant’s enslavement of his people is like patricide.

10. He lives in constant fear of assassination.

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