Plato's Republic

by Plato

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Book 6 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Why is the study of math inferior to that of philosophy?

2. What “state of mind” deals with reflections of objects?

3. How is the Good’s role in the world of forms like that of the sun’s in relationship to plants?

4. How does the Good help one see objects in the realm of forms?

5. What is the highest form of knowledge?

6. What one change could help bring an end to the illnesses of states?

7. Who does the navigator represent in the parable of the ship of state?

8. What is the strong animal referred to at line 493?

9. What is the problem with the way “animal trainers” handle this animal?

10. What will be the first action of the philosopher-king?

1. Math is an inferior study because, although it uses logic, it applies it to the realm of the senses.

2. Imagination is the state of mind that deals with reflections of objects.

3. The Good is the cause of the forms, although it does not take part in the process that creates them.

4. The Good casts the light of reality and truth on the objects within the realm of forms.

5. Knowledge of the Good is the highest form of knowledge.

6. Instituting rule by philosopher-kings would do the most to cure the illnesses of states.

7. The navigator represents the philosopher.

8. The strong animal is the public.

9. Animal trainers do not consider if the action they can make an animal perform is right or wrong.

10. The first action of the philosopher-king will be to wipe clean the slate of human society.

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