Plato's Republic by Plato

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Book 5 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What will be women’s role in the Guardian class?

2. How will Guardian women be involved in raising their children?

3. What guide do the Rulers follow in arranging the breeding of their fellow citizens?

4. What simple change would make the improvements of the city in speech a possibility in the real world?

5. What faculty enables one to perceive the world of forms?

6. What does a person “know” who denies the existence of the world of forms?

7. Why does Socrates say warfare between the Greeks should be more limited than it was?

8. What third realm lies below the world of opinion?

9. What will the female Guardians wear when they exercise?

10. How will family ties continue in the ideal state?

1. Women will be educated and perform the same tasks as the men, although the men will be better at everything.

2. Guardian women will go to the nurseries to feed the children when they are nursing, but they will not know which child is theirs.

3. The Rulers want to make sure that they encourage the breeding of the best citizens.

4. Socrates says that the institution of philosopher-kings would do much to improve the way states are ruled.

5. It is through reason that one comes to know the world of forms.

6. A person who does not know the world of forms can only have opinions, not knowledge.

7. Socrates says that the Greeks are naturally friends and should fight each other in a more civilized fashion.

8. The realm of ignorance lies below that of opinion.

9. According to Socrates, excellence will be all the clothes they need.

10. In the ideal state, family ties will be transferred to all of the members of the community.