Form and Content

(Survey of Young Adult Fiction)

The first-person narration of A Place Apart is provided by Victoria Finch, a sensitive and somewhat vulnerable thirteen-year-old. After her father’s sudden death, Victoria and her mother must move to New Oxford. The dreariness of the new house, the need to adjust socially, and the death of her father make Victoria’s outlook bleak and confused. As a freshman, she becomes best friends with Elizabeth Marx. Soon after, she meets Hugh Todd, a junior from a rich family whose mysterious aura fascinates Victoria: “I never thought as much about another human being as I thought about him.” Hugh takes an interest in some scenes that Victoria has written about her father’s death and decides that she should expand them into a full-length work, which he will direct as next year’s senior play—the first senior play to be a student’s work. Victoria is fascinated and frightened by this prospect, but she realizes that she cannot say no to Hugh. One day, Hugh draws Victoria into a game of throwing stones and shouting; although Victoria realizes how easily she can be controlled by Hugh, her infatuation with him continues.

During the summer, Hugh goes away and Victoria becomes closer to Elizabeth, although she thinks of Hugh constantly. Victoria knows that she cannot speak of Hugh to her friend because Elizabeth does not like or trust him. Victoria’s mother begins a relationship with a new man, which makes Victoria think of her father more than ever. With a week and a half left until school begins,...

(The entire section is 621 words.)