Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Judge Marmaduke Temple

Judge Marmaduke Temple, the principal citizen and landholder of Templeton, a settlement in upstate New York. He is at once shrewd and honorable, benevolent and just. While trying to kill a deer, he shoots an unfamiliar, educated young hunter named Oliver Edwards. He has Edwards’ wound dressed and offers the man a position as a secretary. When the young man’s friend, the old woodsman and hunter called Leatherstocking, is arrested for threatening to shoot an officer, the judge sentences and fines the old man but pays the fine himself. Later, he learns that Edwards is in reality Oliver Edward Effingham, the son of an old friend who had entrusted him with personal effects and family funds years before. The judge restores the property and the money to Edwards. Meanwhile, Edwards and Elizabeth Temple have fallen in love. The judge gives the young couple his blessing.

Elizabeth Temple

Elizabeth Temple, the judge’s spirited, pretty daughter. Although she respects Oliver Edwards’ abilities, she maintains a feminine independence. Grateful to Leatherstocking for saving her life when a savage panther attacks her, she assists in his escape from jail after the old man has been arrested for resisting an officer. Her romance with her father’s secretary develops after the young man and Leatherstocking save her from a forest fire. When Edwards’ true identity is revealed and he declares his love, she readily marries him.

Natty Bumppo

Natty Bumppo, called Leatherstocking, a hardy, simple, upright woodsman in his seventy-first year. Although he is disgusted by wanton killing of game, he defends his right to kill game for food. He shoots a deer out of season and is arrested for resisting the magistrate who tries to search his cabin. Sentenced to jail for a month, he escapes with the help of Oliver Edwards and Elizabeth Temple. Twice he is Elizabeth’s rescuer, once from a panther and later from fire. After his jail term is suspended, he moves on to a less civilized territory; he is stricken...

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