The Pilgrim's Progress

by John Bunyan

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"An Ornament To Her Profession"

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Context: As Part I of this work described the hazards and temptations faced and overcome by Christian on his journey to spiritual salvation and the heavenly Jerusalem, so in Part II Christiana, Christian's wife, and their children set out for the same goals. Like Christian before them, these travelers came to the town of Vanity, where Vanity Fair was held. There the pilgrims lodged with Mr. Mnason (see Acts 21. 16), who was a very pious man and who introduced them to his friends Mr. Contrite, Mr. Holyman, Mr. Love-saint, Mr. Dare-not-lie, and Mr. Penitent. During the stay in Vanity, Christiana's sons, Samuel and Joseph, were married to their host's daughters, Grace and Martha, and the third daughter, Mercy, joined the group as a fellow pilgrim. Before proceeding on their journey, however, the members of the group spent some time among the people of Vanity doing charitable work:

The time, as I said, that they lay here was long (for it was not now as in former times). Wherefore the pilgrims grew acquainted with many of the good people of the town, and did them what service they could. Mercy, as she was wont, laboured much for the poor; wherefore their bellies and backs blessed her, and she was there an ornament to her profession. And to say the truth for Grace, Phebe, and Martha, they were all of a very good nature, and did much good in their place. They were also all of them very fruitful; so that Christian's name, as said before, was like to live in the world.

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