The Pilgrim's Progress

by John Bunyan

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In John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress, which characters divert Christian from the true path?

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In The Pilgrim's Progress, two characters physically incapacitate Christian: the Flatterer and Giant Despair. The Flatterer leads Christian (and his companion, Hopeful) into a net. Meanwhile, Giant Despair beats Christian and imprisons him in his castle. Christian later uses the key of Promise to escape the giant's clutches.

However, only one character turns Christian temporarily away from the true path: Mr. Worldly Wiseman.

In the story, Mr. Worldly Wiseman tells Christian that he is going the wrong way, and that he will encounter many dangers if he persists on the same path. He advises Christian to head to Village Morality and look for a man named Legality.

Mr. Worldly Wiseman tells Christian that Legality can relieve him of his burdens. In addition, he can also send for his family as Village Morality has reasonably priced homes and a good standard of living. Mr. Worldly Wiseman explains that Christian will have fine neighbors and enjoy a good life there.

Upon hearing this, Christian leaves his path and heads for the Village. As he draws closer, he sees a high hill. The hill so intimidates him that he doesn't proceed further. It's here that Evangelist finds him and helps to set Christian on the right path again.

You can read more about Mr. Worldly Wiseman in Part 1 Chapter 5. To learn how Evangelist sets Christian back on the right path, read Part 1 Chapter 6.

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