The Pilgrim's Progress

by John Bunyan

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Part 2, Chapter 7 Summary

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Mr. Great-Heart leads the pilgrim band from Doubting Castle to the Delectable Mountains, where Christian and Hopeful had stopped to be refreshed. They are greeted by shepherds who welcome them as they had Christian.

Mr. Great-Heart introduces each of the pilgrims and the shepherds invite Mr. Ready-to-halt, Mr. Feeble-minded, Mr. Despondency, and Mrs. Much-afraid especially because these would be the ones most reluctant to step forward. The weak and feeble enter first, followed by the others. They are presented with a feast and rest.

The shepherds take the pilgrims to Mount-Marvel, where a man tumbles about, representing those who fall out of the way because of difficulties. At Mount Innocent, they see a man clothed all in white, pelted with dirt by two men called Prejudice and Ill-will, but the dirt does not stay on the white garments for long.

At Mount Charity, a man is making garments for the poor. They see two people trying to wash an Ethiopian’s black skin to turn him white.

Mercy finds a mirror that not only reflects her own face but that of Jesus. She is drawn to it and desires to have it. She is pregnant and fears that she will miscarry if she does not have the mirror to constantly behold the face of Christ.

Because of the pilgrims’ defeat of the Giant Despair, the shepherds give her the mirror. For Christiana, the shepherds dress her and her daughters-in-law in jewels.

Mr. Great-Heart leads them away to the town of Apostasy. Here lives Mr. Turn-away, who met Christian on his pilgrimage.

Further on, they are faced by a man with a bloody face, carrying a sword. He says his name is Valiant-for-truth and that he was attacked by three thieves. He tells the pilgrims of his own journey, of entering the Gate as is required although his parents tried to hold him back.

He joins the pilgrim band, which then enters the Enchanted Ground. They are beset by mist and darkness but resist all temptations to stop for rest. They come across two men asleep in an arbor but are unable to awaken them.

The pilgrims meet Mr. Standfast, kneeling in prayer. He explains that he was approached by Madame Bubble, who symbolizes all the vanity of this world. Mr. Great-Heart says that it is she who cast the spell on the Enchanted Ground. Standfast is overjoyed to learn that he was able to resist the temptations of this witch.

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