The Pilgrim's Progress

by John Bunyan

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Part 1, Chapter 6 Summary

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Faithful and Christian arrive at the town that Evangelist warned them about. It is named Vanity but is most known for the Vanity Fair, for there is a constant fair there where all manner of vanities are sold.

The citizens of Vanity laugh at the clothing and speech of Christian and Faithful. The two men do not look at any of the wares for sale at the fair, saying that they will buy only Truth. This causes chaos in the fair, and they are taken into custody as madmen. They are placed in a cage to await their trial.

The men of Vanity Fair begin to disagree among themselves about Faithful and Christian, with some being accused of being confederates with them. Besides the suspicion of madness, Faithful and Christian are now blamed for the chaos of the fair. The two men are placed in chains and dragged through the fair to be made a mockery of. They are then returned to their cage to wait for their trial.

Christian and Faithful are brought before the judge, called Lord Hate-Good. They are charged with disturbing the peace and spreading “dangerous opinions” that are in contempt of the prince of the fair.

Faithful says that the prince is nothing less than Beelzebub. Witnesses are brought against them, and the accusations are based on twisted interpretations of what Faithful and Christian have said.

Faithful is allowed to speak in his own defense, telling the court the true statements that he made since entering Vanity Fair. He says that whatever is contrary to the Word of God is wrong, and that worship of God is to be derived only from divine revelation.

The judge charges the jury to make their judgment based on the testimony that has been presented in court, giving examples from the Bible of men who stood up against those who tried to detract from the rulers of this world and held up God as the only source of Truth.

After much deliberation, the jury declares Faithful to be guilty and condemns him to death. He is beaten and scourged, eventually to be burned at the stake. He is faithful to the end.

Christian is returned to his cage, but he praises God for Faithful’s continuance even in the midst of persecution and torture. Christian is kept in prison for a little while but, with the help of God, manages to escape and goes on his way, singing of Faithful’s victory in death.

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