The Pilgrim's Progress

by John Bunyan

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Part 1, Chapter 5 Summary

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Christian comes upon a hill and sees his neighbor, Faithful, ahead of him. He calls out to him to wait, but Faithful says that he cannot because the Avenger of Blood is behind him.

Christian catches up with him and the two are grateful for each other’s company. Faithful tells of his own journey. He left the City of Destruction after Pliable returned. Christian’s companion in the Slough of Despond is now a mockery even to those who do not believe.

Faithful managed to escape the Slough but was attacked by a woman called Wanton. He then met Adam the First, who invited Faithful to stay with him. Adam has three daughters: The Lust of the Flesh, the Lust of the Flesh, and the Pride of Life, and Faithful was told that he could marry all three of them.

Faithful considered this invitation but noticed written on Adam’s forehead these words: Put Off the Old Man with his Deeds. He realized that Adam would sell him as a slave, so he left the old man.

Faithful continued up the Hill of Difficulty to the arbor where Christian lost his Scroll; there he was knocked down by another old man whom Christian identifies as Moses the Lawgiver.

Faithful then went on his way into the Valley of Humiliation, where he met Discontent. Escaping him, Faithful met Shame, who tried to convince him that all religion is worthless. Faithful rejected him and continued on his way, much to the joy of Christian.

Faithful says that he encountered no other obstacles on his journey, having gone through the Valley of the Shadow of Death with nothing but sunshine.

Faithful and Christian meet a man called Talkative, who invites himself to join them. Christian tells Faithful that Talkative is from their own town and is known as doing nothing but talk. They decide that they must rid themselves of him so that he will not distract them from their way.

Faithful begins a conversation of the Power of Faith rather than just speaking of it. Talkative soon decides to leave, not appreciating Faithful’s accusation that he is not a Doer of the Word.

Christian and Faithful are relieved that Talkative has left them. They turn around and see that Evangelist followed after them. He greets them, and they tell him of their journeys. He is glad that they have proved themselves Victors of their trials. He warns them that they will come upon a town up ahead where they will face fierce enemies. If they are faithful even to the death, they will receive the Crown of Life.

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