Pilgrim at Tinker Creek

by Annie Dillard

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What sights amuse Dillard in Pilgrim at Tinker Creek?

Expert Answers

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Dillard reminisces about a couple of summers ago when she was walking along the edge of the island. She wanted to see what was in the water as well as scare some frogs. She notices that the frogs have this strange habit of jumping into the water from seemingly invisible positions along the river bank. When they make their sudden leaps the frogs emit a funny froggy croaking sound before they splash into the water. This always amused Dillard, and much to her surprise, still does.

As she walks along the grassy bank of the river, Dillard becomes better at seeing frogs, both in and out of the water. Yet it's a sign of her sense of wonder, not to mention her sense of humor, that despite her increasing knowledge of the natural world, she still finds the sight and sound of all those croaking frogs jumping into the water such a source of amusement.

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