Historical Context

An anti-Vietnam War protest Published by Gale Cengage

The Pigman was written in the late 1960s, a time when American society was in an uproar. Protests against the Vietnam War the growth...

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The Pigman Setting

The Pigman takes place in New York City, on Staten Island. John's father works for the Stock Exchange, and his family seems...

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The Pigman Literary Style

Point of View
Zindel's The Pigman is told from the point of view of its two main protagonists, who claim they...

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The Pigman Literary Qualities

Characterized by fast-paced, melodramatic action and realistic dialogue that tends toward hyperbolic wit, The Pigman cleverly...

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The Pigman Social Sensitivity

The Pigman exhibits Zindel's typical negative portrayals of adults. John's parents and Lorraine's mother are uncaring and critical of...

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The Pigman Compare and Contrast

1960s: Teen smoking, drinking, and drug use become prevalent in the 1960s, when knowledge of the ill effects of drugs is...

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The Pigman Topics for Discussion

1. What is unsatisfying about John's relationship with his parents and Lorraine's with her mother?

2. Lorraine seems more deeply...

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The Pigman Ideas for Reports and Papers

1. Report on Zindel's use of symbols in The Pigman. Be sure to consider Mr. Pignati's pig collection and the animals at the zoo,...

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The Pigman Topics for Further Study

In the book, Mr. Pignati has a major effect on John and Lorraine. Write about an older person who affected your life in a way you'll never...

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The Pigman Related Titles / Adaptations

Zindel wrote a screenplay adapting The Pigman to film. Although Brighton Productions never released the movie, Zindel regarded his...

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The Pigman What Do I Read Next?

The Pigman For Further Reference

Clarke, Loretta. "The Pigman: A Novel of Adolescence." English Journal 61 (November 1972): 1163-1169, 1175. A well-balanced...

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The Pigman Bibliography and Further Reading

Clarke, Loretta, "The Pigman: A Novel of Adolescence," in English Journal, Vol. 61, No. 8,...

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The Pigman Bibliography

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