The Pigman Chapter 8 Summary
by Paul Zindel

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Chapter 8 Summary

Lorraine was horrified but not surprised when John whispered to her that the Pigman’s wife was dead. She had suspected as much, and she remembered cases in which a man and wife died within a short time of each other. She thought “the love between a man and a woman must be the strongest thing in the world.” Recalling her own parents, Lorraine then wondered why their relationship had not been like that.

John, who was exploring upstairs again, came down with a small plastic card and asked the Pigman what it was. Mr. Pignati explained about charge cards, and John was amazed that a store would essentially allow people to take whatever they wanted and not require them to pay until later. Mr. Pignati said that he got the card so that his wife could go shopping at Beekman’s delicatessen.

At home that evening, Lorraine had another typically unpleasant interaction with her mother, who was starting a new assignment caring for a terminal cancer victim whom she said had “sex on the brain.” She gloated about how she was being treated with kid gloves by the patient’s family because of the difficulty in dealing with this patient; she planned to take full advantage of the situation. As she left, she gave Lorraine a list of chores to do in the house, along with her usual warnings about not letting anyone in under any circumstances. Lorraine tried to remember how awful her mother’s life was and to understand why she picked on her so much. She wished that her mother knew how to have fun like the Pigman.

Lorraine managed to finish her chores and get out of the house by about eleven. She and John met the Pigman at the ferry, and the three of them traveled to Beekman’s Department Store in Manhattan. The Pigman took them to the delicatessen first, where he encouraged them to pick out interesting things they might like to try. They then proceeded to the fifth floor, where they had to pass through the women’s underwear department. A saleswoman greeted them and asked the Pigman if he was looking for something for his daughter. Lorraine impulsively said that she was not his daughter but quickly qualified her answer when she saw the crestfallen look on the old man’s face; she declared that she was his niece. Mr. Pignati insisted that Lorraine get a package of nylon stockings, and Lorraine, terrified about what her mother would say when she brought them home, chose some in her mother’s size so she could give them to her as a gift.

In the toy department,...

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