The Pigman Chapter 11 Summary
by Paul Zindel

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Chapter 11 Summary

John recognized immediately that the Pigman was having a heart attack, and he called the police. An ambulance arrived with two attendants and “an old lady doctor,” who efficiently placed the Pigman on a stretcher and wheeled him away. Mr. Pignati appeared to be breathing easily, and John did not think that he was going to die.

John and Lorraine identified themselves as the Pigman’s children when the police questioned them. They had removed the skates from the old man’s feet before the authorities arrived, and John explained that Mr. Pignati had been out all day and had also been shoveling snow. After looking around the house, the policemen finally left. John and Lorraine found the keys to the house in the kitchen and locked up. After taking a walk in the cemetery, they went home.

The next day, the two young people cut school and took the bus to visit Mr. Pignati at the hospital, bringing a bunch of gladiolas Lorraine had gathered at the cemetery. They found Mr. Pignati sitting up in bed with “a great big grin on his face,” looking “better than ever.” When John and Lorraine told him that they had been forced to masquerade as his children to get in to visit him, he looked ecstatic.

John and Lorraine told the Pigman that they had locked up his house the night before and offered him his keys. Mr. Pignati, however, told them to keep them, in case they might want to go there and watch some television or something while he was gone. Lorraine was hesitant to take him up on his suggestion, but John happily overruled her and took the keys back. The Pigman asked John and Lorraine to visit Bobo for him while he was in the hospital, and he gave them specific instructions on the treats the baboon preferred.

Lorraine blames John for everything that happened from that point on, and John concedes that she might be right. At first things were fine; John and Lorraine went over to the Pigman’s house after school as usual, and Lorraine decided to make some spaghetti while John watched television. After awhile, John got bored and went upstairs to explore. He went into the Pigman’s closet and tried on a very old-fashioned jacket; intrigued by the way he looked, he added a red and blue flowered tie and drew a moustache on his face with a...

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