Pictures of Hollis Woods

by Patricia Reilly Giff

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Student Question

Who is Izzy in Pictures of Hollis Woods?

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In Pictures of Hollis Woods, Izzy Regan is a kind woman who welcomes Hollis into her family. Izzy would like to give Hollis a forever home.

Expert Answers

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After being abandoned as a baby, Hollis has been bouncing between foster homes trying to find a place that feels like home. She is considered to be trouble. Izzy Regan, the mother of Hollis's friend Steven, is a kind woman who would love to give Hollis a permanent place to live. Izzy adores her family and works hard to create a loving, nurturing home environment. She loves to cook, bake, and spend time with her family. She especially loves having Hollis around because that means she is no longer outnumbered by her son Steven and Old Man Regan: "It's great to have a girl around, Holly. We have to stick together against these guys.”

Not only does Izzy love her family, but it is clear that she feels the same way about Hollis, as she is quick to include her into the family dynamic without question or doubt. In chapter 3, Hollis thinks back to a time when Izzy told her, "I always wanted a daughter." The love that Izzy shares makes Hollis feel needed and wanted: "Izzy always puts her arms around me. 'You brought us luck,' she says." Izzy is the ultimate mother figure for Hollis.

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