What is a compelling argument or point about the play "Picnic" by W. Inge that could be developed into a research paper?

Expert Answers

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The play is a romantic story that seeks to explode notions of what romantic love is and its implications in the real world. It also explores the human qualities that are most valued. The beautiful but shallow Madge falls in love with the attractive, "dangerous" stranger, rejecting her intellectual and less-manly boyfriend. Despite the uncertain and troublesome future that awaits her, she leaves home to follow him. Her younger sister, Millie, is smart and talented but socially-awkward; her jealousy of Madge's beauty and popularity undermine the fact that she is more likely to go and have a respectable and fulfilling future. The play invites the audience or reader to speculate upon why society values qualities like beauty over intelligence, and masculinity over intellect.

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