Chapters 53-55 Summary

Arabella learns from Mr. Pickwick that Mr. Winkle, Senior, was not moved by his appeal to accept his son’s marriage. She is upset that she is the cause of an estrangement between father and son, but Pickwick tells her that in time Mr. Winkle, Senior, may come around. Arabella is worried that her father-in-law will cut off financial assistance to his son, but Pickwick assures her that, if he does, some other friend (hinting at himself) will come to Winkle’s aid.

Pickwick bids good-bye to Jingle and Job Trotter, the latter choosing to go with his friend to the West Indies rather than stay in England and take the job Perker offered him. Perker is skeptical that the two former rascals will do well out in the colonies, but Pickwick has more faith.

Dodson and Fogg arrive to accept the damages Pickwick has agreed to pay to Mrs. Bardell. As they leave, Pickwick finally releases his anger, shouting after the lawyers that they are pettifogging robbers. Dodson and Fogg warn him that they will have the law after him, but Pickwick feels much better now that he has stated his mind.

Mr. Wardle arrives with the news that Mr. Snodgrass and his daughter, Emily, are in love; they have been writing to each other since Christmas. Wardle does not approve of the match and has brought Emily with him. However, Snodgrass is downstairs with Emily. Joe the Fat Boy interrupts them. Snodgrass tries to leave by another door but finds himself in a locked room. Joe tries to warn Pickwick that Snodgrass is in the next room, but Pickwick thinks the boy is delirious. Snodgrass bursts in and declares his love for Emily. Wardle finally comes to terms with this and welcomes Snodgrass as his son-in-law.

Mr. Weller tells Sam that he found his wife’s will in the teapot where she used to keep some money. Because the only beneficiaries are Sam and himself, Mr. Weller is going to throw the will in the fire. Sam stops him, telling that the will needs to be probated. They go to the law offices of Solomon Pell, who testifies to the legality of the will. Sam is to receive two hundred pounds, which has been invested in city funds; Sam is content to leave it there. Mr. Weller, however, wants to liquidate his inheritance, which requires a trip to Wilkins Flasher. Mr. Weller then receives his inheritance of eleven hundred and eighty pounds.