Chapters 35-37 Summary

In the days following the trial, Mr. Pickwick assures Mr. Perker that he will not pay damages to Mrs. Bardell. He will continue on with his life until he is dragged off to debtor’s prison, which Perker tells him may be in two months. Pickwick decides that he and the other Pickwickians will go to Bath.

The members of the Pickwick Club meet Mr. Dowler, who is accompanying them to Bath, along with his wife. At Bath, Mr. Dowler introduces his friend, Angelo Cyrus Bantam, to Pickwick. Bantam is the Grand Master of Ceremonies at Bath. The Pickwickians wander around Bath until that evening’s assembly. Sam meets a footman, who shows interest in Sam and hopes to meet him again.

A varied crowd attends the assembly...

(The entire section is 509 words.)