Chapters 3-5 Summary

When Winkle and Snodgrass return to the inn, they find the other members of the club joined by another stranger, who is a friend of the stranger’s from the day before. His name is Dismal Jemmy and is an actor in the area. He tells a story of a Stroller, a traveling actor, who takes the role of a clown. Because of his heavy drinking, the stroller is slowly dying. He invites Dismal Jemmy to visit him at his home. Dismal Jemmy does and meets the clown’s wife and small child. The stroller is slipping into delirium, but Dismal Jemmy returns and stays by his side until he dies. Before anyone can ask questions about the story, Doctor Slammer and his guests arrive. He is startled to recognize both Winkle and the stranger who insulted him. After some discussion and more insults, Doctor Slammer and his companions leave. Mr. Pickwick attempts to follow them to demand satisfaction, but his friends restrain him.

The next morning, the company joins the citizens at a military display. Mr. Tupman disappears but Pickwick, Snodgrass, and Winkle find places close to the front. They are pushed from behind and soon find themselves facing the soldiers’ guns. Although the guns are loaded with blanks, the club members try to find some place of safety, only to be caught between the opposing sides. They manage to scurry to the sides (not without some injuries) and find Tupman in a carriage filled with the Wardle family. Mr. Wardle is joined by his maiden sister, Rachael; his daughters, Isabella and Emily; Mr. Trundle; and Joe, a fat boy who is constantly falling asleep. The Pickwickians join the Wardles for the remaining part of the show. Miss Rachael and Tupman flirt with each other, much to the amusement of the two girls. Mr. Wardle invites the members of the Pickwick Club to come to his home, Manor Farm in Dingley Dell, the following day. The companions readily accept the invitation.

The next morning, Dismal Jemmy asks Mr. Pickwick if he may forward...

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