Chapters 18-20 Summary

While Pickwick stays in Bury St. Edmonds, Winkle remains in Eatanswill, where he continues to entertain Mrs. Pott. One day Mr. Pott bursts in and throws a newspaper at Winkle, calling him a serpent. A poem in the paper hints that Mrs. Pott has “strayed” with Winkle. When Mrs. Pott comes in and learns of her public disgrace, she throws a fit and her husband tries to calm her. When Mrs. Pott is finally subdued, a letter arrives requesting that Tupman and Winkle join Pickwick at Bury St. Edmonds.

Mr. Tupman is caught off guard when he sees Mr. Wardle, who tells him that Rachael has gone to live with some other relatives. Mr. Snodgrass is startled to learn that there is to be wedding at Manor Farm; he is relieved to...

(The entire section is 515 words.)