What are the physiological effects of G-forces on the human body?

I need to know what is happening to a person when they are experiencing G's at each G (1G, 2G, etc.). All the way up until they experience permanent bodily harm/damage, at what point is this, and at what point death will occur.


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The tolerance of the effects of G force on the human body are very hard to predict because of the different factors which affect the individuals.  Height, weight, health, heart and blood vessels, as well as the training a person has gone through to deal with the effects of G force.  

With negative g's the blood rushes to the upper part of the body and can cause a condition known as red-outs while positive g's can force the blood to the lower part of the body and cause grey-outs, black-outs and unconsciousness.

"According to Atlas Aviation statistics"

Grayout: 4.1G-± 0.7G-2.2 to 7.1G

Blackout: 4.7G ± 0.8G  2.7 to 7.8G

Unconsciousness: 5.4G ± 0.9G 3.0 to 8.4"

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