The Play

(Survey of Dramatic Literature)

A Photograph: Lovers in Motion is set in an old San Francisco flat. The central character is a novice photographer, Sean David, who is sexually involved with a complex triad of women: Nevada is an attorney who wishes to take Sean out of the ghetto and provide him with material comfort; Claire is a model, a cocaine addict, and a nymphomaniac who wants to possess Sean; and Michael is a dancer who wants to help Sean fulfill his dreams. Earl, Sean’s boyhood friend, wants Sean for a lover as well.

Act 1 opens with Sean telling Michael of his dream of becoming a famous photographer. As they examine some of his photographs, Earl enters to remind Sean that he is expected to attend a party at Nevada’s home. Sean antagonizes Michael when he tells her that she is not invited to the party. Michael retaliates by insinuating that some of the nude women in Sean’s photographs are more than mere subjects. Sean nonchalantly reminds her that there are a number of women in his life, but that he will not let them interfere with his relationship with her.

Following Sean’s protestations of devotion to Michael, he allows Claire to dance across his bedroom in a scarlet camisole and lace panties. When he does not respond to Claire’s need to make love, she makes him jealous by mentioning several of her lovers and their charm. Sean angrily tells Claire that if he ever catches her with a lover, he will take her to a nightclub and personally see to it that she is gang raped. Not willing to be threatened, she flaunts her independence, telling him that she will gladly give herself to the gang and invite him to watch. Becoming animated, Sean picks up Claire and tumbles onto the bed to give the nymphomaniac what she wants.


(The entire section is 717 words.)