"The Villain Still Pursued Her"

(Magill's Quotations in Context)

Context: Carroll Graves has lost all his money and is reduced to living in an old garret that he shares with Dionysius O'Gall. To earn his living, Graves writes a continued story for the Weekly Chambermaid's Own, but circumstances have caused him to neglect his writing for several weeks, with the result that his editor and his readers are anxious to know what has happened to the heroine. One evening, after several interruptions, the author begins another installment of his serial. In Graves' story the heroine, Anastasia Sophronisbia, has received an anonymous letter telling her to meet her lover, Charles Arthur Algernon Swinburne Augustus, under an old oak tree near her father's castle. Upon arriving at the spot, Anastasia is greeted by the countenance of the villain, Count de Jerkmikoff. The villain tries to seize her, but Anastasia flees, calling out for her lover. The villain in pursuit mutters that the girl shall be his.

GRAVES [writing]
While the maiden, with profound originality and unique heroism, replied, Back! back, base violin!–back, base villain! Villain of the deepest dye! thy hellish machinations I defy! me life you may gain in this wild endeavor, but me spotless honor, hardly ev–never! never! And the villain still pursued her.