If you had to give up your past to have a future, would you?

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I believe that, if I were faced with this choice, I would give up my past in order to have a future.  My reason for this is that I could always rebuild my past, and having that much of a past would be better than having no future.  I particularly say this because my children are 11 and 8 and I would not want them to have to grow up without me.

Giving up my past would be a horrible thing.  There are so many things that I would be giving up that I could never get back.  Some things wouldn’t be so bad.  I could look through old pictures and old videos with my children and rebuild some “memories” in that way.  I could have them and my wife and my parents tell me about things that happened in the past.  But there would be things I could never regain.  I could not regain my memories of my grandparents since they are dead.  I could not regain memories of things that happened when no one else was around or memories of things like my own feelings.  I would, in a sense, be losing my whole life.

But then I would weigh that against my future.  If I were to keep my memories and then die young, my children would grow up without me.  My wife would be a widow at a relatively young age.  They would be robbed (as would I) of the joy that we get from being together and doing things as a family. 

I think, therefore, that it would be a bit selfish to refuse to give up my past.  By sacrificing my memories, I would be giving my wife and children a chance to make more memories in the future.  If I refused to sacrifice my memories, I would be denying them this chance.  This is why I think that I would give up my memories in order to have a future.

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